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A little more about my new business


I am a new business owner. And I am so excited. I work with some of the most amazing people and products. I am starting a dream and making it my reality.

  Working as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International isn’t easy for me. I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know and as I just moved back to an area I haven’t lived in for over 6 yrs I have no “warm market.” If you don’t know what a warm market is, here you go: According to anyone in the Direct Sales life a warm market is a persons friends and family. So since I moved back to my home town I don’t have that warm market that makes every new consultant’s first 3 months a little easier. I instead have family that says “Don’t talk to me about that.” and ” I won’t help you learn by throwing a party, because I don’t use the products.” I have to call in all my chips to throw my first party, and then I had to basically buy everything I could to get my hostess the discounts I’d promised her. Definitely not my best party. Or week.

  To clue everyone in on my financial status, I am on unemployment. I don’t have a lot of money and I have no one to fall back on; so I need the monetary freedom that this company can give. But instead, just to give my BFF a free gift and a 50% discount I am buying over $150 of product. I hate that I had to “call in my chips” so to speak, but I’m not sorry for spending the money to get my Best Friend her discount.

   Though I don’t have a warm market I am not giving up. In fact I can’t. These products are the best I have ever seen; from a mom’s point of view, to a nutritionists point of view. I have seen the products change my skin and balanced me from the inside out. Through this medium I will be reviewing all the products that Arbonne has to offer. That means that these will be personal testimony from me and if I haven’t gotten to try it, from my sponsor or a friend in the business. I will provide videos and fact sheets on the product ingredients; as well as my own testimony on the ease of use and the effects the products have had on my skin/hair/body. I hope you enjoy this and please ask any questions you want.


Have a great night everyone.