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A little more about my new business


I am a new business owner. And I am so excited. I work with some of the most amazing people and products. I am starting a dream and making it my reality.

  Working as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International isn’t easy for me. I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know and as I just moved back to an area I haven’t lived in for over 6 yrs I have no “warm market.” If you don’t know what a warm market is, here you go: According to anyone in the Direct Sales life a warm market is a persons friends and family. So since I moved back to my home town I don’t have that warm market that makes every new consultant’s first 3 months a little easier. I instead have family that says “Don’t talk to me about that.” and ” I won’t help you learn by throwing a party, because I don’t use the products.” I have to call in all my chips to throw my first party, and then I had to basically buy everything I could to get my hostess the discounts I’d promised her. Definitely not my best party. Or week.

  To clue everyone in on my financial status, I am on unemployment. I don’t have a lot of money and I have no one to fall back on; so I need the monetary freedom that this company can give. But instead, just to give my BFF a free gift and a 50% discount I am buying over $150 of product. I hate that I had to “call in my chips” so to speak, but I’m not sorry for spending the money to get my Best Friend her discount.

   Though I don’t have a warm market I am not giving up. In fact I can’t. These products are the best I have ever seen; from a mom’s point of view, to a nutritionists point of view. I have seen the products change my skin and balanced me from the inside out. Through this medium I will be reviewing all the products that Arbonne has to offer. That means that these will be personal testimony from me and if I haven’t gotten to try it, from my sponsor or a friend in the business. I will provide videos and fact sheets on the product ingredients; as well as my own testimony on the ease of use and the effects the products have had on my skin/hair/body. I hope you enjoy this and please ask any questions you want.


Have a great night everyone.


My weekend so far


So this morning I went to the farmer’s market in coupeville and got a lot of fresh veges. Then we came back and went to the thrift store where I found these awesome wooden block set for my lil Liam. As well as a Styrofoam cooler that I am going to use as a worm compost bin. Also Friday afternoon a friend and I went to the Country Store and I saw this tiny lil bantam chick that wasn’t doing well. So I bought it and took it to Trista’s hoping for the best. Well this morning it died. 😦 But at least it died in a better environment then the store and it got a fighting chance. Trista and I are also going to go thru and get rid of extras that I don’t need. ( I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it’s hard when you lil man isn’t cooperating.) Liam is growing again and that means more purging of the clothes. That’s something else I’m going to do tomorrow morning. Can’t wait for my place to be organized again; I hate not knowing where things are and I do hate the mess it just tends to get away from me. So far a fairly good weekend… night all.

Happy Valentine’s Day and all that Jazz


Somehow, inevitably, every year around this time I start thinking about relationships, and how to make myself better to get one. I have only ever had one relationship that was still working on Valentine’s Day, and either I’m just completely too low key and accepting or I should have seen the signs then and gotten out quickly, because I didn’t receive even a card from the guy. I’m not materialistic, and I’m definitely low-maintanence, but having never had had a valentine’s on V Day I wanted at least a card. But that was then. This year my Valentine just turned 12 weeks and has the absolute cutest toothless grin. But once again, no gift. And no man. How many times can you be told by guys “You’re to good for me” before you can start pulling out the shot gun to correct them? Because seriously, there should be a limit to the amount of bull-crap I have to hear from guys before I get a real man who will tell me what he is thinking, and whether or not it’s working.

Sorry, this day just makes me crazier then usual and I’m definitely not liking it this year. So happy Consumerism Day everyone. Hope your significant other remembers that “A kiss begins with Kay.” and that it’s a store not a woman. I’ll be eating at home tonight and maybe eating some well earned chocolate.

The First post shouldn’t be a rant, but…


This first post is kinda a rant and a get to know me all in one. I am tired of being a pumping working momma. And I say this because I work in a space that has no where for me to pump. And I would talk to someone, but really do you want to talk to a male Commander about where in the building you could go to pump? I don’t. In fact I do everything in my power to not bring this up as I don’t want people to think that I’m a “crying Suzy.” Also, It’s hard to pump in uniform anyways. GRRR. I’m still going to because it’s the healthiest thing for my son to eat, but I need to get my courage up and say something. Walking to another building, 10 minutes to set up and 30 min of pumping then the “tear down”… it takes about an hour just to do this once. Ok so I know I said I’d get posting on crafty ideas and such and here is one. If you cloth diaper then you know how expensive it can get with the doublers and the liners and all that. A great way for you to cut costs is to go to the thrift store and buy up some flannel recieving blankets and microfiber towels and make some doublers yourself. Or get the towels from the dollar store as another great way to save money.

  You can cut the flannel into 6″ long by 2 to 2 1/2” wide strips that work as liners and to make doubler just put a strip of the mircofiber in between two strips of flannel (of course sewn together) and you have a great doubler for those overnight diapers. I will be adding pic.s for that once I get to this project. I think it’s number 3 in line. 😀 My current project is a ring sling using flannel for a winter weight sling. Slings are great for convience and I know my little one loves being right there at my chest. It’s also a great ab workout. 🙂 I will be filming myself making this and will be posting it here. Expect it around Sunday.

For all you new mommas who want to lose weight and don’t think you can while breast feeding, remember that you only need 3oo-500 more calories to breastfeed your child each day. This means that you can eat healthy and workout and still breastfeed. I’m doing it and will keep you all updated on my progress as I go. I’ll also post recipes that I have found and love and will definitely give credit if I can.

Have a good day and remember, that this is only a stage. 🙂

❤ Lisa aka Crazimomma