My weekend so far


So this morning I went to the farmer’s market in coupeville and got a lot of fresh veges. Then we came back and went to the thrift store where I found these awesome wooden block set for my lil Liam. As well as a Styrofoam cooler that I am going to use as a worm compost bin. Also Friday afternoon a friend and I went to the Country Store and I saw this tiny lil bantam chick that wasn’t doing well. So I bought it and took it to Trista’s hoping for the best. Well this morning it died. 😦 But at least it died in a better environment then the store and it got a fighting chance. Trista and I are also going to go thru and get rid of extras that I don’t need. ( I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it’s hard when you lil man isn’t cooperating.) Liam is growing again and that means more purging of the clothes. That’s something else I’m going to do tomorrow morning. Can’t wait for my place to be organized again; I hate not knowing where things are and I do hate the mess it just tends to get away from me. So far a fairly good weekend… night all.


About Lisa

I'm a single mom of my wonderfully advanced 2 month old Liam Maddox, who is stationed in Oak Harbor, WA at the time being. I am a coupon cutting, thrift store shopping, cloth diaper loving mom; who wants her son to grow up knowing how to survive. I am learning to knit and spin yarn right now as well as use a sewing machine (honestly, I love hand sewing, but it's a tad time consuming). My goals for blogging are to help me follow through on completing my projects and learning new ones. Also I am a self proclaimed nutrition nut so I will be posting my thoughts on new mom diets and other such "great ideas." This blog will mainly be about crafting, but new mom life is never simple and that is the most important part of this blog. To help other new moms realize that they don't have to be perfect and to give them a source of information on sites and organizations that can help them save money and their sanity. I am always up for questions and don't mind researching to find answers, so ask away.

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