Happy Valentine’s Day and all that Jazz


Somehow, inevitably, every year around this time I start thinking about relationships, and how to make myself better to get one. I have only ever had one relationship that was still working on Valentine’s Day, and either I’m just completely too low key and accepting or I should have seen the signs then and gotten out quickly, because I didn’t receive even a card from the guy. I’m not materialistic, and I’m definitely low-maintanence, but having never had had a valentine’s on V Day I wanted at least a card. But that was then. This year my Valentine just turned 12 weeks and has the absolute cutest toothless grin. But once again, no gift. And no man. How many times can you be told by guys “You’re to good for me” before you can start pulling out the shot gun to correct them? Because seriously, there should be a limit to the amount of bull-crap I have to hear from guys before I get a real man who will tell me what he is thinking, and whether or not it’s working.

Sorry, this day just makes me crazier then usual and I’m definitely not liking it this year. So happy Consumerism Day everyone. Hope your significant other remembers that “A kiss begins with Kay.” and that it’s a store not a woman. I’ll be eating at home tonight and maybe eating some well earned chocolate.


About Lisa

I'm a single mom of my wonderfully advanced 2 month old Liam Maddox, who is stationed in Oak Harbor, WA at the time being. I am a coupon cutting, thrift store shopping, cloth diaper loving mom; who wants her son to grow up knowing how to survive. I am learning to knit and spin yarn right now as well as use a sewing machine (honestly, I love hand sewing, but it's a tad time consuming). My goals for blogging are to help me follow through on completing my projects and learning new ones. Also I am a self proclaimed nutrition nut so I will be posting my thoughts on new mom diets and other such "great ideas." This blog will mainly be about crafting, but new mom life is never simple and that is the most important part of this blog. To help other new moms realize that they don't have to be perfect and to give them a source of information on sites and organizations that can help them save money and their sanity. I am always up for questions and don't mind researching to find answers, so ask away.

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