Monthly Archives: February 2012

The craziness that is my life


I am not only a momma, but a student and with the semesters being 8 weeks long; I tend to try to get my postings done at work. Because while I can read while being with my son it’s hard as hell to get on the computer and post. And on top of that I’m ADHD and I don’t have meds. and I don’t have an appointment with the LT. til the end of March. So I really need to figure out how to make myself focus better. Next semester I have an in seat class and I think I’ll do better just because I’ll have to be there. But at the same time it’s 5 hours once a week. I haven’t even completed my guest room because I can’t keep my brain centered on one thing right now. I found some great fabric at the thrift store to use in projects, but I can’t get to them because of my stupid brain. I can’t even read really as it’s not slowing my brain down like it normally does. I can’t keep do this up… I’ve become an insomniac again and I have responsibilities and I can’t keep losing track of time and not be able to concentrate. It’s not fair to my son, my teachers, my cat or the dog I’m fostering. Oh and I’ve written this in like 6 minutes, and have had to go back and fix things because my brain is moving faster then my fingers can type. I was hoping that the two new tattoos would calm me down a bit but that wasn’t the case… I don’t know why as it’s always worked on me before. Grrr… there’s not enough going on to slow my brain down…. and the soda isn’t helping me sleep either. 😦


Happy Valentine’s Day and all that Jazz


Somehow, inevitably, every year around this time I start thinking about relationships, and how to make myself better to get one. I have only ever had one relationship that was still working on Valentine’s Day, and either I’m just completely too low key and accepting or I should have seen the signs then and gotten out quickly, because I didn’t receive even a card from the guy. I’m not materialistic, and I’m definitely low-maintanence, but having never had had a valentine’s on V Day I wanted at least a card. But that was then. This year my Valentine just turned 12 weeks and has the absolute cutest toothless grin. But once again, no gift. And no man. How many times can you be told by guys “You’re to good for me” before you can start pulling out the shot gun to correct them? Because seriously, there should be a limit to the amount of bull-crap I have to hear from guys before I get a real man who will tell me what he is thinking, and whether or not it’s working.

Sorry, this day just makes me crazier then usual and I’m definitely not liking it this year. So happy Consumerism Day everyone. Hope your significant other remembers that “A kiss begins with Kay.” and that it’s a store not a woman. I’ll be eating at home tonight and maybe eating some well earned chocolate.